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Social Media Advertising

Involvement Services Creates and Manages Data - Driven Campaigns To Help Your Business Reach Your Ideal Clients, Tell The Right Story, and Get The Right Results.

We place ads in front of people who matter

Imagine focusing on your business while we build your social media ad campaigns, sending highly qualified leads straight to your door! 

A Social Media Campaign cannot simply be thrown together, leaving you to cross your fingers & hope for the best. It’s an intricate procedure that requires diverse knowledge, expertise, and a thorough understanding of target audiences. No matter your industry, we’ll work with you to harness the power of Social Media to grow your business like never before. We’re able to target ads and place them in front of the eyes of the people that matter.

Would you like a steady stream of leads and sales coming in daily to grow your business?

We are in the business of helping other businesses grow through Facebook advertising! Running a business is more than a full-time gig. It’s just too much to try and focus on the day to day operations – maintaining happy clients and workers. You can’t do it all! That’s why we do our bit, in bringing you consistent leads .

If you have ever tried to advertise your products or service on Facebook, you know exactly how daunting and complicated it really is – and that doing it wrong will cost you time and money!

We bring you a flood of leads while you focus in your zone of brilliance. We bring high quality and targeted clients to your doorstep and new clients on a regular basis.

A far higher return on your investment [ROI]

We pride ourselves on flawless execution, managing the entire process from start to finish. We’re passionate and dedicated; carefully engineering attractive, enticing adverts that stand out in a sea of competitors. Paid Social Campaigns work because of the highly detailed information Facebook users publicly share about themselves. From the date of birth to interests and beyond. The results? A far higher return on investment (ROI) than the other social media platforms out there.   

The average user spends upwards of 3.5 hours a day on Social Media. It’s vital to possess the right knowledge and expertise to squeeze Social Media Marketing for all it’s worth. That’s where we come in! Involvement Services combines trusted wisdom with contemporary know-how to proactively assist businesses in cutting through the noise and to the point. Our dedicated team knows how to create Winning Ads, turning leads into customers, profit and success. We believe that running a business should be an adventure, not a chore.  

Why your business needs Facebook advertising

More Leads and Sales

Facebook offers incredible targeting and ad creative to help grow your business.


Facebook now have over 2 billion monthly active users, your target audience are definitely on there

Audience Data

Gain valuable information about your target audience that will help you grow your sales.

It's only the beginning

Facebook Ad revenue is set to triple in the next 5 years, now is the time to get on-board.

Tracking & Analytics

Optimise and scale campaigns through Facebook’s advanced tracking and analytics system.

Time on Facebook

Your customers spend most of their time on Facebook. 80% of all Internet users use Facebook.

What we'll do

We’ll establish your targeting, put together your Facebook ads. And then monitor, test, and tweak your campaigns until we establish a winning campaign. Because we’ve been doing this daily and have done it hundreds of times, with different businesses from different niches, whether they are e-commerce businesses, product based or service based businesses, we are so confident of what we can do to help you grow with Facebook ads? 

The process is simple

Book a FREE Strategy call with one of our Facebook ads lead strategist. Select a date and time slot of your choosing. We’ll have a conversation to understand your needs and to let you know what we can do to help you get more leads, sales and profits. We will go to the drawing board to design a sales funnel for what you’ll be offering.  If you are happy with the strategy, we’ll waste no time and launch your campaign.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level using Facebook advertising. Ready to unleash high quality leads to your business and reach new heights? We are ready to help you build your fortunes from Facebook ads. Truth is, the majority of business owners know that Facebook ads are key to automating and growing their business. Frankly, they have no CLUE where to start and what to do regarding selling their staff on Facebook. If you have ever tried to advertise your products or service on Facebook, you know exactly how daunting and complicated it really is – and that doing it wrong will cost you your time and thousands out of your pocket! 

Our Approach to Driving Results on Facebook

Step 1: Discovery and Research
At the start of the project we take the time to understand your business, your products & services, business objectives and target audience. We will analyse all of your available materials, previous campaigns, data, website traffic and any insights gained to help us create the best campaign possible. We will then use Facebook’s Insights tools and our own in-house techniques to find the right audiences to target on Facebook. We can then begin to formulate the best way to get in-front of these audiences and figure out how to get them to take action.
Step 2: Strategy and Planning
Every business is different so it’s important we take the time to figure out the strategy that’s right for you. Our team of Facebook professionals will review all of the discovery and research material and put together the right offering and messaging in order to drive your business results. This could be driving sales, generating leads, growing your following, getting app installs or any other of Facebook’s objectives. The planning and strategy phase is important in making sure the campaign gets the best start and continues to have ongoing success.
Step 3: Audiences and Targeting
Facebook offers the most advanced targeting methods known to any business. Due to the incredible amount of data that Facebook hold, your adverts can be placed in-front the most relevant audiences to your business. There has never been a time in history when this level of targeting has been made available before. This will give you the greatest chances of success and is one of the main reasons why businesses have been seeing such incredible ROI with their Facebook advertising efforts. There are so many different ways we can help you find your customers on Facebook, the options really are staggering.
Step 4: Dynamic Product Ads
One of the most effective ways to generate sales on Facebook is through Dynamic Product Ads. They will cost the least, have the lowest cost per acquisition and the biggest return. Let me give you an example of how these work: Let’s suppose you go online looking for 3 different products. Later on, when you go on Facebook those 3 different products appears in your Facebook feed in an advert. That advert was dynamically created for you!
Step 5: Advert Creative & Copy
Weaving a web of words is crucial to your campaign and will allow us to get the best click-through rates and best conversion rates on every ad. We will create different types of ads on Facebook. We'll test different copy, images and call to action buttons all within one ad unit (very good for scaling!)
Step 6: Optimisation
The process of optimisation simply means improving the performance of the ad account. We have a very clear method in place for gaining the maximum amount of return from the budget. This could be increasing the budget, removing certain age brackets, split testing the creative, tweaking the audience and many other things. Our team monitor ad accounts every day to ensure they are on track to fulfil their objectives.
Step 7: Scaling
We’ve spent quite a bit 🙂 on Facebook advertising products and services for our clients. We know how to scale advertising campaigns. We have a data-driven blueprint we follow in all of the ad accounts we manage. If you have a great product and the market want to buy it, we can help you scale it. High-volume and rapid growth is really where we diversify.
Step 8: Reporting
We report your growth, your way. Finding out who is buying, what makes them buy and how we can get them to buy more is powerful information. With our campaign management you will get weekly and monthly reporting so that you are always up-to-date with what is going on in your account and the improvements we are making to take things to the next level.

Ready To Grow Your Business Through Facebook Advertising?

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you with Facebook campaign management then fill in the form, give us a call or simply send us a message on Messenger. We’re always happy to discuss Facebook strategies, review ad accounts or have good conversations with businesses looking to make progress.